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About THE Practice

With two locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, Peak Health Group offers solutions and hope to men with erectile dysfunction. With more than 30 years of collective experience Steven Sabatier, MBA, Naturopathic Doctor specialize in therapies for male enhancement and erectile dysfunction that are virtually pain-free, surgery-free, needle-free, and drug-free.

Peak Health Group features an all-male staff who work eagerly, discreetly, and compassionately to restore penile function. The team is proud to be an exclusive local provider of cutting-edge therapies like the SwissWave Protocol, which stimulates nerve endings and opens blood vessels in the penis, enhancing sexual function and gratification.

To revitalize your sex life, improve your performance, and restore your confidence, visit the caring doctors at Peak Health Group. To learn more about erectile dysfunction and how the SwissWave Protocol can optimize your sexual performance, call the Scottsdale or Las Vegas office or book an appointment online today.