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"Before the treatments my erections were not as hard as they once were. Viagra worked well but gave me a headache. Now the sex is great without drugs."

David 67, 9/5/18


“Happy and surprised with extent of results so far”
“Seeing good results. Penetrable erections most nights”

Robert 80, 10/22/18


“Pt states better erections and increase in nocturnal activity”

Jeff 48, 11/1/18


“Feels like I’m thicker/fuller down there”

Jim 51, 6/5/18


“Got several erections including vaginal penetration and ejaculation”

Randy 66, 11/14/18


“No longer needing to use pills to get erections…”

Chris 56, 7/16/18


“Feels about 80-90% overall”

Ron 71, 12/10/18


“Having more fuller erections”

Wayne 62, 10/15/18


“I feeling and sensation in penis for first time in 3 years…”

Tom 76, 8/2/18


“I was able to get a penetrable erection and climax for first time in a long time”

Ron 79, 10/29/18


“I got two spontaneous erections randomly during the day and a few good ones another day.”

Jim 62, 8/27/18


“I achieved a 5 star success this weekend which hasn’t happened in a long time.”

Stephen 72, 12/10/18


“I was able to get several penetrable erections without medication or shots and also states big increases in sensitivity compared to before.”

Evan 58, 9/14/18


“I was able to climax for the 1st in a year”

Daniel 80, 8/21/18


“I’ve noticed daily fullness”

Hood 64, 9/19/18


"Seeing good improvements since beginning/end" - 1/9/19

"Wife said I was hard the whole way and felt stronger"

Robert 61, 1/11/19


"I’ve seen an increase in fullness and sensitivity"

Steven 54, 11/19/18


"I woke up in the middle of the night with an erection that was fuller and a little thicker than normal."

David 45, 5/23/18


"I’ve seen improvement in sensitivity and frequency of morning erections"

Rich 57,11/19/18


"With Viagra was able to achieve a very good erection where Viagra didn’t work before" - 1/14/19

"I had sex for the first time in 6 years"

Marvin 76, 6/28/18


"I’m noticing a big difference"

Elton 62, 12/7/18


"I achieved a penetrable erection for the first time in months"

Doug 67, 8/2/18


"I’m having positive increases in all aspects of erections and was even noticed by wife"

Chad 47, 8/2/18


"I’ve notices some increase in fullness of morning erections."

Gabe 61, 1/25/19


"Seeing good results so far."

Scott 41, 1/25/19


"I got a spontaneous erection in the middle of the night, which hasn’t happened in a long time."

Richard 77, 4/16/18


"I’m very excited about a sexual event with wife over weekend and I feels grateful I chose the treatments."

John 69, 5/22/18


"I’m feeling more life in the groin." - 6/12/18

"I woke up with a spontaneous, good erection."

Steven 62, 8/27/18


"I’ve been having frequent nighttime erections now"

Brendon 45, 12/17/18


"Getting good night erections now"

Mark 46, 1/17/19


"Seems to become a little fuller, I seeing improvements and having fun."

Frank 90, 3/28/18


"It’s more responsive, it grows faster and got an erection that was able to penetrate with."

Eric 80, 6/11/18


"The sides of my penis are now thicker and erections are harder/fuller."

Rafael 50, 10/2/18


"I had intercourse with his wife for the first time in a long time and was able to maintain an adequate erection for a little while." - 4/16/18

"The wife said she thinks his erections are improving in hardness." - 6/11/18

"I’ve seen an improvement in all areas related to ED."

Terrance 61, 8/2/18


"I’m now getting spontaneous erections and is relying less on viagra." - 6/16/18

"Now, I’m relying even less on Viagra and getting some without it at all."

Chris 38, 6/27/18


"I’m very happy with results so far, more general fullness, better erections and more often."

Dale 58, 8/16/18


"I got a spontaneous penetrable erection for first time in years and the wife asked if I had taken a pill and I hadn’t" - 4/30/18

"Definitely making progress." - 11/9/18

"Overall, I'm seeing good improvements."

Dave 73, 1/23/19


"I’m noticing erections last longer and seem thicker."

Scott 51, 8/27/18


"I’ve noticed improvements during the break, stiffness and sensitivity." - 10/1/18

"The treatment is successful."

Larry 61, 10/19/18


"I am now 50% better and able to get a penetrable erection."

Bill 66, 8/4/18


"I’m getting spontaneous penetrable erections." - 5/3/18

"I am getting very good and progressive results." - 7/10/18

"Things are moving in the right direction."

Mark 61, 8/28/18


"I’ve had 3 natural erections with increased hardness/fullness and 2 with orgasms. I am happy with progress so far and enthusiastic for the future."

William 71, 12/18/18


"I had relations with a strong erection."

Jim 74, 12/6/18


"I’ve stopped taking Cialis and have had consistent morning erections."

Gus 66, 11/13/18


"Girlfriend is happy"

William 62, 1/26/19


"Peyronies is lessening"

Mark 68, 1/24/19


"Got a harder than normal erection…" - 6/13/18

"I woke of with a good erection and an increase in sensitivity" - 6/18/18

"Viagra is now working much more reliably and makes for stronger erections." - 8/1/18

"Erections seem harder than before." - 8/6/18

"it has gotten firmer over the course of the treatments"

Joe 64, 12/12/18


"getting more often spontaneous morning erections than before Tx."

Steven 69, 8/29/18


"I’m able to get regular spontaneous erections that are good enough for penetration 80% of the time."

Anthony 70, 9/12/18


"wife noticed improvements in fullness and maintaining erections." - 5/23/18

"I no longer have any problem maintaining erections and notices improvement in spontaneous erections as well as improvement in overall hardness of erections."

Richard 66, 5/30/18


"I was able to get a penetrable erection and have intercourse without Viagra."

Mathew 51, 4/9/18


"feels fuller and has more sensation…" - 9/20/18

"Best Sex Ever."

William 58, 12/14/18


"I was able to achieve a semi-rigid erection with wife for the first time in a long time."

David 57, 4/12/18


"stiffies are coming left and right."

John 60, 11/9/18


"I was able to achieve and maintain a penetrable erection to have intercourse with wife…" - 6/4/18

"I am now getting very good spontaneous erections regularly." - 6/8/18

"I now feels overall confident." - 7/25/18

"now getting several good erections every day and I’m having sex regularly" - 7/30/18

"in a good place" - 9/19/18

"Wife said I’m back to my younger self"

Emerson 66, 9/24/18


"following Tx erections are very hard and he is overall seeing improvements in fullness/hardness."

Thomas 49, 7/24/18


"definitely notices improvements and is more responsive" - 8/6/18

"noticing improvements in erections/fullness/sensitivity/orgasms and ejaculate.." - 9/17/18

“Overall seeing good results.”

Alfred 56, 10/22/18


“I’m getting spontaneous erections good enough for penetration once or twice a week now.”

Hank 71, 9/12/18


“I am now getting occasional morning erections where I was not before.” - 7/25/18

“I was able to get 2 penetrable erections and have sex with wife…” - 9/10/18

“increase in sensation/fullness and morning erections.”

Tom 69, 9/19/18


"waking up to fullness." - 9/3/18

"now getting morning erections and better results."

Stan 51, 11/13/18


"I was able to get a penetrable erection without the use of an injection for the first time in a while."

David, 11/28/18


"capable of getting a penetrable erection with only 1 viagra where he needed 3 before starting treatments."

Sylvester 66, 9/19/18


"erections are improved and gets fuller than before."

Craig 55, 12/17/18


"noticing significant improvements."

Richard 42, 7/14/18


"I’m getting a decent chub."

Willard 73, 12/24/18


"was able to maintain a penetrable erection for 10 mins." - 12/3/18

"now getting spontaneous erections."

Steven 67, 12/21/18


"it is staying harder longer."

Todd 58, 11/3/18


"got a spontaneous nighttime erection which is abnormal for me." - 8/6/18

"having consistent erections with increased fullness." - 9/17/18

"very happy with results so far and has seen improvements throughout the break period."

Kristopher 36, 9/19/18


"noticed increased sensitivity & growth, woke up, woke up in the middle of the night"

Gilbert 70, 8/3/18


"Viagra worked for the 1st time in two years"

John 74, 9/1/18


"Stays harder, longer"

Ray 55, 10/19/18


"Seems harder, felt bigger"

Mark 57, 12/14/18


"more responsive"

Solomon 54, 10/22/18


"Noticed more activity going on down there, especially at the beginning of an erection"

Raymond 53, 4/18/18


"the treatment has helped a lot and has improved Cialis results"

Carter 65, 5/8/18


"Noticing increase in frequency of morning erections"

James 75



"Seeing improvements, stays fuller longer, it also responds faster"

Nathaniel 53, 1/17/19


"Got a spontaneous morning erection that was about 85% full"

Robert 74, 8/29/18


"Got an erection that reminded me of when I was young"



"Was at 35% fullness at the beginning of treatments, and now feels like a 75%" - 6/15/18

"It feels thicker and the wife stated so as well" - 6/25/18

"Had one of the best orgasms of my entire life" - 6/29/18

"Continuing to see very good improvement, very happy overall" - 8/13/18

"Best sex in his life" - 8/17/18

"Had sex with wife, three times yesterday" - 8/24/18

"Great results, very happy" - 9/5/18

"All erections are now rock hard, throughout entire penis" - 10/8/18

"Had amazing instant erections since last treatment" - 1/15/18

David 66


"Some increase in hardness/fullness"

Tim 60, 8/11/18


"Morning erections are more frequent"

Joseph 26, 1/16/18


"Stiffer in the morning"

Mel 80, 8/20/18


"Penis feels, like it has more girth"

David 68, 11/16/18


"More fullness, and erections"

Arthur 59, 12/6/18


"Seeing improvements all around, and happy so far"

Chris 57, 1/16/19


"It’s better/improving"

Dennis 77, 1/17/19


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